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Thread: Ubuntu 12.10 ARM Rootfs for Tablet

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    Ubuntu 12.10 ARM Rootfs for Tablet

    Building a Rootfs for my Motorola Xoom, using root stock and this guide. Stuck the rootfs to my sdcard and put together a boot.img that pointed to that partition as root.

    Whenever I boot, it tells me that the /init is not found.

    I've double checked that the partition is not corrupt, that it's looking at the correct partition, but no dice as far as booting goes. Did I miss something while creating my rootfs?

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.10 ARM Rootfs for Tablet

    At the bottom of Root Stock Guide there are two email adrresses that You might get some help.

    I am trying to install/build/get any kind of Linux-base system on my device with XScale processor. The one You have is a dual-core CPU, as far as i know there are some issues with non-single cores CPU's (that Linuxes have booting up on PPC's). That's all I know...

    In the mean time, meybe You could point me somewhere? ;]

    [POST] for Symbol / Motorola MC75A6

    I would also recomend You to double check Your build-in BOOTing software...home page or some wiki's could point You something.
    Good luck!


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