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Thread: usb internet adapter init/recognition - dissapears after shutdown/reboot

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    Red face usb internet adapter init/recognition - dissapears after shutdown/reboot


    I am new to Ubuntu, just installed it.

    I like it so far, the more I look at it it looks and feels better and I hope to stick to it, feel really enthusiastic.

    I would like to get help with this as frankly I think the problem is over my head at the moment.

    I have the broadband internet usb adapter by Wind in Italy. It worked just fine, I was surprised. Plug and play on first boot. But, after I shut down my laptop and booted again it was nowhere to be found. The thing just blinks red, which is I think bad. I don't have the option to connect in the system menu in the top right corner, and that's where it was. The network profile is still available for editing in the settings/network configuration window under broadband connections but doesn't show up in the system menu. I am thinking that the device is missing, which would be indicated by the red blinking.

    Then, I boot Windows and the red blinking turns to blue and I can connect. After I boot back to Ubuntu, voila it works. So for now I boot into Win, the driver gets initialized, and I boot back to Ubuntu and it works.

    I am running 12.10 and installed it through Windows. I didn't really want a dual boot, but my F2 key is not working so I can't enter bios to change boot priority

    Hope I'll get some help. This seems like an interesting problem. I will try to google how to device manage, maybe figure out how to mount the device, but I am not sure if this is the problem or the device itself needs some special wake up command after power up that the Windows driver gives it. Or, when shutting down, Ubuntu deinitializes it in some way. Maybe if I could get some directions on how to explore this issue.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
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