I saw couple of other threads that touch on this subject, but none of them ever achieved satisfactory bitching and whining.

With the fast adoption of +2 gigs memory,4 cores processors, "powerful" graphic, all capable of playing smoothly HD videos, 3D games, and browsing smoothly internet, what is holding back software to turn smart phones in useful general-purpose desktop replacements?

Imagine this: having your smart phone hooked via mini hdmi to an arbitrary monitor/TV set, adopt the new device resolution, turn off the device's screen itself, and have a totally awesome desktop, which you can synch (files) with your main desktop, if you'd have one. Nokia n8 can do this, but the resolution doesn't change. Well, it does change - you can watch HD stuff or play a game if it's HD, but it's sucking somehow. So you'd have the same ability a desktop computer has, but limited only performance, not capability.

We're talking about general purpose desktops here - writting stuff (office), e-mail, internet... Not studio workstations that composite 4k plates with 3D generated content, or some high-end gaming rigs that consume more energy than the LHC.

And i saw the Ubuntu phone, but that seemed a hack - running on top of Android.