Is this a good idea?

I just moved over from avlinux and I am relatively new to ubuntu. I tried the full-on kxstudios as well as dream studio but have settled on ubuntu studio.

Is it currently possible to install the kxstudios repos over ubuntu studio 12.10?

I noticed that they have a quantal section with newer packages for things like guitarix (but also some crucial ones such as jack jackd etc) but I have found no official word on whether it's compatible or not yet. As such I'm not sure if it's wise to mess with this seeing that ubuntu studio is currently working ok for me. I did read a previous forum post with the same question for a much older release but I haven't been able to find any up-to-date information and the answer to the post was ambiguous.


What are the benefits?

How does sharing packages work with with regard to the ubuntu studio release cycle vs. kx studio's?

Are their any disadvantages?

Also, if anyone is rocking an up to date ubuntu studio + kxstudio repos hybrid I would be glad for any experiences.

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