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Thread: Graphics drivers screwed up Unity

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    Graphics drivers screwed up Unity

    Alright, this is embarrassing. Just installed 12.10, took a look at the graphics drivers I'll need from the Nvidia website. I installed and downloaded the ones I need, rebooted my computer and was greeted by a low-resolution login screen. I logged in to find that the wallpaper and the cursor were the only things working.

    I figured I must have downloaded the wrong drivers, so I re-installed Ubuntu and this time downloaded the proprietary drivers, current and tested. Rebooted, and got the same low resolution screen (possibly 1280 x 720?) with only a wallpaper and cursor working after logging in.

    I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 x64, and I'm running an Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 TI (1GB)

    I had no graphics problems at all including drivers in 12.04. Anyone got any advice?

    And by the way, yes I'm 100% POSITIVE I picked the correct drivers on the Nvidia website before I tried proprietary.

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    Re: Graphics drivers screwed up Unity

    Not sure if you got this fixed or not, but try the solution mentioned by Lisiano here:

    Hope everything works out.

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