I have an older Epson Stylus Color 880 printer, with the driver for that model installed on a machine originally running Ubuntu 12.04 and now 12.10.

Whether I print from that machine or a networked Windows or Linux machine, the first print job is perfect. Starting with the next job, it prints anywhere from a few characters to half a page of gibberish before form-feeding, until it runs out of paper.

Simply powering cycling the printer doesn't stop it; it recommences printing garbage. But if I power off the printer *and* unplug it from the Ubuntu machine's USB port, then plug it back in and switch it back on, it prints the entire intended document.

That counts as a new "first" job, i.e., on the next job it will start printing garbage again.

Anyone have and fix a similar problem, even with a different kind of printer? Since the driver I have installed purports to be for this very model, I'm at a loss for how to troubleshoot this.