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Thread: Moving Ubuntu to a new hard drive

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    Moving Ubuntu to a new hard drive


    Hope someone can help me with this issue.

    I currently have ubuntu installed using wubi (with windows 7) on a IDE hard drive. This IDE hdd reduces ubuntu's performance and it is very noisy, therefore, I have decided to install a new SATA HDD. Now, is it possible to move my ubunutu installation to this new SATA HDD.

    Current installation of WINDOWS 7 is on a SATA HDD and ubuntu is on IDE HDD on same computer.

    I was looking into mirror HDD etc but not sure if this will solve my problem?

    Kind Regards.

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    Re: Moving Ubuntu to a new hard drive

    Welcome to the forums.

    If you like Ubuntu enough, it may be time to install to partitions not wubi.

    From the developer of wubi:
    Agostino: Wubi actually wasn’t designed to do long-term installations. The main aim was really to let people try out Ubuntu with confidence. Normally, users that start with Wubi tend to upgrade to a full installation to a dedicated partition at the next release cycle.

    HOWTO: migrate wubi install to partition - bcbc
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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