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Thread: Icons in "Open With" file menu

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    Icons in "Open With" file menu

    This easily is a really minor issue,however,if it can be fixed,why not do it:I have some icons missing in the "Open With" right-click file menu,the one that can also be accessed via the Properties tab,in its place there is either a blank space or the generic blue diamond icon,the weird thing is that the very same programs in another Ubuntu Lucid installation (same version) do have those tiny icons,so I was wondering if it's probably something minor hidden in a configuration file.
    I had a look in ~/.local/share/applications and for instance one of those applications has a .desktop file with these lines
    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec='/usr/sbin/xnview' %f
    Comment=Custom definition for xnview
    is ,by any chance, this the file to edit to show that little missing icon?
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