Hi. OK, that upgrade (from 12.04 64-bit) didn't go so smoothly, hehe. Besides not being able to log in after the next reboot - due to, of all things, not being able to mount an NTFS partition (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...6?comments=all) - I found my system was without a file manager. Yep, Nautilus had been uninstalled, and nothing put in its place.

I did notice before upgrading it was saying it was going to remove Nautilus, but it also said it was going to upgrade certain related packages (like Nautilus plugins), and figured it should be fine, as I doubted the upgrade would really leave my system without a file manager.

However, during the upgrade I noticed I couldn't open the Trash or any links in Places, simply asking what file manager I wanted to use (with only Thunar in the list of choices). I figured the newer Nautilus hadn't been unpacked and installed yet, and while I thought it was pretty sloppy that I couldn't use it while the upgrade did its thing, I figured all would be OK upon rebooting.

However, no Nautilus, so I had to do a sudo apt-get install nautilus to get my file manager back. Obviously, it was no biggie for me to do so, but it's still astounding that the upgrade thought this was a good idea (to leave the system without a way to access files), so I thought I better mention it. I dare say those with less experience wouldn't have other file managers like Thunar or Marlin installed, and many newbies would probably be unaware "File Manager" is actually a package called "nautilus" they can reinstall.