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Thread: Random Freezes 12.04 and 12.10 after clicks.

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    Random Freezes 12.04 and 12.10 after clicks.


    I have been trying Linux on/off for years now, but until Ubuntu 12.04 I was unable to get a system functioning fully. I installed 12.04 and was pleased when I was presented with a fully functional system. BUT ... soon after installation I started experiencing random freezes that most often require turning the system off to recover. (The mouse and frequently the keyboard are unresponsive.) Occasionally I got a msg indicating an internal problem reported by the display logs which I dutifully reported. This became so frustrating that I upgraded to 12.10.

    The system continues to freeze after clicks of the mouse. This morning I clicked Dash Home and it froze after displaying the icon text, but not the icons.

    I'd like very much to use Ubuntu exclusively, but it is unstable here. Anyone have a fix?

    I tried to put the lshw output here, but the reviewer thinks it has too many images. It has one. I'll try to attach it. Now it complains that it is an invalid file. Grrrr... Zip attached.
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