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Thread: Unity won't launch after 12.10 installation

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    Unity won't launch after 12.10 installation


    After a new installation of 12.10 on a Lenovo x120e and a restart the Unity shell won't launch.

    Installation of 12.10 amd64 yesterday went well. I turned the computer off for the night and when I turned it on this morning I was presented with the login screen. When I enter the password the screen flashes black and returns to the login screen. I'm using the right password because if I enter an incorrect one a message in red font tells me so and the login screen remains.

    If I choose guest access the computer brings me to the desktop but without the unity shell. A right click will bring up the New Folder, Change Desktop, etc. menu. Ctrl-Alt-T will open terminal. I tried "sudo xinit --:1" but I can't use sudo on a guest account.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Unity won't launch after 12.10 installation

    Boot on recovery mode (hold "shift" key down at bios end process)

    Run this in terminal
    it will test your hardware, make sure there is a YES in unity 3d support
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    Re: Unity won't launch after 12.10 installation

    If you have support for Unity and terminal access try the following.
    setsid unity
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