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Thread: Simple Expose for lxde lubuntu no compositing required

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    Wink Simple Expose for lxde lubuntu no compositing required

    Expose on the mac and I forget what its called in Unity but its pretty cool for checking out running programs and switching between them easily.

    On Lubuntu there is no compositing which makes this feature basically impossible... Luckily Skippy XD does the trick. How? It throws up a quick compositor when you activate it to get the job done, then closes it when your finished selecting what you want. So no resources wasted.

    Pretty easy to do..

    Download and install SkippyXD depending on your platform from here

    Once installed open up run or a terminal and enter

    leafpad ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

    find the line


    below it copy and paste the following

    <!-- Start Expose for LXDE-->
    <keybind key="A-grave">
          <action name="Execute">
    <!-- End Expose for LXDE-->
    *****Updated code to correct syntax error, code above is updated*****

    save and close

    open run or a terminal and run following command

    openbox --restart

    now when you hold the alt key and hit ` you expose feature will activate

    I will be providing a series of easy solutions and linking to them below

    lxde simple weather

    lxde wallpaper changer
    aero snap for lubuntu
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