okay, I have searched forums and everything and the closest to success is this webpage

I think the driver is compatible and I have started installing it and found general success following the instruction until this paragraph:

Note: this method (as of 2012/03/02) will only give NTSC for analog TV, the driver does not have PAL support. You can at this point patch your code with the patch here: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux....12/focus=26524. A bit of fiddling is needed to apply the patch in the newer kernels, but I have it working with 3.2.1. Apply the patch to the linux subdirectory of the git archive (after calling ./build.sh), and then call ./build again (or just make). --- patch for 3.2.1-gentoo kernel: https://github.com/reinhrst/nl.claud...2e317cd1f/misc

how do I apply this patch? where do I put it? I need this card to work so if this is the wrong path please let me know and I will try again somewhere else(I unistall unbuntu after every failure and try again)