After upgrading/installing from scratch to lubuntu 12.10ppc i realise there isn't anymore Standby or Hibernate. The only thing is the screen is shut down, but the fan(s) are still running.

I'm on a PB G4 17" (2003) with a Radeon 9600.

Two remarks:

1) I had the same (or similar) problem on a Samsung 535u3c (2xamd) laptop. There i could resolve the problem installing (from ppa) samsung-tools and the proprietarian fglrx video driver (from the repositories).

2) Before the release (and even in the final release) of 12.10 there were all kind of video issues. The desktop installer - often - needs a special boot line (in my case the installation was possible only from the alternate installer).

Now, i'd suspect the suspend issues might have to do with some video driver issue (unfortunately the fglrx does not exist for ppc - or am i wrong?). Someone out here has an idea how to tweak the built-in video driver so suspend may turn back? I'm clueless . . .