I created this thread to draw some attention to this problem:

Dell shipped lots of these cards in Inspiron N5110 series. Serious problem is: they don't work with linux!

something is wrong with detection of hardware, and nVidia GT 525M cards are always falsely and wrongly detected as nVidia GT 540M!

that creates problem with driver installation - it is impossible to install and use nVidia drivers which otherwise should work without problems.

this is serious and huge problem for all Dell linux users with that specific graphics card.

the problem is same in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 and all variants, Mint, Fedora, openSUSE, and all other distros both custom and official (all x64)... Mint 13 at least detects intel Sandy Bridge graphics and applies driver for that. ubuntu just marks driver as 'unknown', and no proprietary drivers are ever detected. anyway, i don't care for intel much, i want my nVidia to work! while booting ubuntu livecd session, 3D graphics work, but driver is 'unknown'. after HDD installation, 3D acceleration no longer works, and it is impossible to run any 3D app. 2D works with X.org

i don't know what to do and whom to report, but it is really frustrating. i want to use linux as my main and only OS, but without working graphics card it is impossible...

i'm hoping for some patch or fix or something that will enable linux sys to properly detect hardware nVidia GT 525M card, and then i think there will be no problems with nVidia driver installation...