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Thread: caja (from mint) no hover preview

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    caja (from mint) no hover preview

    howdy all, great job on 12.10!

    on my laptop, caja does the mouse-hover-preview-mp3 thing beautifully. on my wife's dell inspiron 4010 laptop, not so much. the icon looks right when you hover, just no sound. i can open the same file in audacious or whatever, and it plays fine there. no other sound issues.

    i should also mention, both our laptops are lubuntu 12.10 (fresh,too).

    checked alsamixer - nothing muted.

    had my laptop sitting side-by-side with hers and (in synaptic) search/compared things like mpg, mp3, lame, gstreamer, etc, to install anything i might've missed on her machine. made everything identical...
    any thoughts?
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    Re: caja (from mint) no hover preview

    c'mon, anybody?

    caja is (if you didn't know) a forked ver of nautilus 2.something, from the linux mint repo. the new nautilus doesn't do the hover-preview thing(anymore), which if you have a lot of music files (hello ubuntustudio folks), is super cool when wading through them. you don't have to open each one in a player, just hover over it for a second.

    this is one of the coolest things ever, and snared me back in hardy 8.04.

    like i said, my wife and i have Lubuntu 12.10 on laptops - it works on my little hp mini-1010, but not on her dell inspiron N4010.

    inquiring minds...

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    Re: caja (from mint) no hover preview [SOLVED]

    wow, nobody...

    well, the mate-desktop forum had the answer:


    installed that, boom. done. mp3-hover-preview works. awesome if you have to wade thru tons of music files (a hell of a lot faster than gnome-sushi!)

    a z

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