Have found it very difficult getting a working system due to driver problems. Do appreciate drivers changing and kernels changing cause the need to reinstall drivers as and when required. The reasons underlying to this is in fact imo what ubuntu is all about but am struggling to cherish a barely working pc.

The amount of unanswered posts, people posting saying they know the answer and not posting the answers, people posting solutions with no explanantion or reference to their sources, original posters not updating threads giving what worked for them are some of the things adding to the frustration of a pc running like a bag of spanners so i would like to know, "Is there a definitive, crystal clear, step by step How to install NVidia proprietary driver?

The gist of the advice i have found in these forums suggest using nouveau "if it works for you" which is fine if you want to check your emails and as i intend using my pc for slightly more demanding applications as well as being able to change the icon launcher size the need for proprietary drivers beckons.

Keeping this post short as my time seems better spent studying Nvidia readme before trying the not so recommended way (especially for noobs like me) of installing driver direct from nvidia. Overlooking something or type error could break ubuntu.

But if additional/proprietary drivers used - ubuntu breaks drivers lol

Reading the nvidia readme is not ubuntu specific but am sure a more experienced ubuntuist could shed some constructive light on the subject as i am sure this is really a nooby thing in that it is not ubuntu or drivers at fault but simply just how they are being used.