I just bought a system 76 laptop, and love the laptop. when I am at home, I use a wireless router (wep) and everything works wonderful. When I get to where I work I connect the the wireless (wpa2), it seems to connect fine but when the connection comes under load it still shows the computer connected but I can not even ping the router. I have tried to hardware kill the 802.11 card and turn in back on the bring back up the connection but it just fails to connect till I restart the computer. If I do not turn of the wireless card after the communication stops it still shows the computer connected to the access points but can not ping anything other than the ip address of the computer and the lo address. i have posted the dmesg at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1292688/. I also read some forums but all i could find on the issue was the try and sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off, to try and improve stability of the card but it does not seem to work. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I would love to be able to do all my "work" at work on my Ubuntu machine instead of my Microsoft work computer. Sorry for being long winded but thank you for hearing me out!