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Thread: Graphics issue with Unichrome

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    Graphics issue with Unichrome


    I have been trying to refurb an old netbook for my son. I have wiped it clean and installed ubuntu 11.10 32 bit onto it.

    It has:
    Via C7-M 1600MHz CPU
    Via Tech. CX700/VX700 [S3 Unichrome Pro] (rev 03)

    It was VERY difficult to get it up and running as often the graphics were completely bugged.

    I have updated it and managed to get it running by putting in an xorg.conf

    Section "Monitor"
    	Identifier	"Configured Monitor"
            Driver          "vesa"
    Section "Screen"
    	Identifier	"Default Screen"
    	Monitor		"Configured Monitor"
    	Device		"Configured Video Device"
    Whilst the graphics issue is resolved (as in visible and not a garbled screen) there remain some massive bugs.

    1) The size of the desktop exceeds the size of the screen. I can see the envelope in the top right, but not the date etc.

    2) I am unable to change the resolution of the desktop.

    I downloaded xresprobe and used the command ddcprobe.

    This told me:
    vbe: VESA 3.0 detected.
    oem: VIA CX700
    vendor: ?
    memory: 65536kb
    mode: 640x480x256
    mode: 640x480x64k
    mode: 800x600x256
    mode: 800x600x64k
    mode: 800x600x16m
    mode: 1024x768x256
    mode: 1024x768x64k
    mode: 1024x768x16m
    mode: 1280x1024x256
    mode: 1280x1024x64k
    mode: 1280x1024x16m
    mode: 1600x1200x256
    mode: 1600x1200x64k
    SO, is there some kind soul who can help put me on the right path as regards some way to make the desktop fit the screen?

    I assume it may require some specific settings within the xorg.conf, but I have hit my skill ceiling!!!

    I would really like this fixed... otherwise I may have to give him his raspberry pi birthday pressie early!!!!

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    Re: Graphics issue with Unichrome

    Any special reason for using 11.10? Its support will end in April 2013:

    If you can, I would rather suggest to try 12.04. Considering the hardware, Xubuntu 12.04 may be more appropriate than Ubuntu 12.04.

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    Re: Graphics issue with Unichrome

    ok... i'll give it a whirl and let you know how i get on

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    Re: Graphics issue with Unichrome

    i just found this blog about installing linux on a machine identical to mine!!!

    in one specific part he talks about frambuffer exceeding screen size. Can anyone translate this for me???

    i think that may solve my problem

    edit: i tried xubuntu and it didnt get past the loading screen :-/


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