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Thread: Crash, black screen, some comands

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    Exclamation Crash, black screen, some comands

    Well firstly, i upgraded ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04 than to 12.04.1(all upgrades several days ago). while i was upgrading drom 10.04 to 12.04 there was a crash and system would not start but i went to recovery mode and did "sudo apt-get upgrade" and it showed me that i didn't finish upgrade and to upgrade type commend(can;t remember). And i'm using it normally with gnome classic(no effects) but i got a crash:

    Here is enlarged image to see it clearly:
    Every time it is turned on...
    No idea why it is happening. I tried uinstalling all not needed stuff(nothing from system)
    System is fully updated
    My system specifications:
    Processor 1.2gHZ
    Ram 768Mb
    Video 64Mb
    Pixel & Vertex shader 1.4
    Graphic Card Ati Radeon 9000
    Hard drive memory 20Gb

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    Re: Crash, black screen, some comands

    It's getting worse and worse but it stopped for one turning on. I was doing the same things and nothing happened but when i rebooted pc it's again...

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    Re: Crash, black screen, some comands

    sudo dpkg --configure -a

    see if that helps

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