Hey folks,

After having upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10, I've encountered a main issue with my laptop - it won't respond to "cpufreq-set" the way it did with the previous version.

Since I'm one of the users who have to cope with the "unrecognized adapter" issue on a Dell XPS 1330, I had used a workaround ever since this started happening, passing a command to the kernel at boot to ignore the cpu limit, and using cpufreq-set at rc.local (for more information: http://techmonks.net/bypassing-the-d...adapter-issue/ ).

But, now with 12.10, this trick has stopped working. Even if cpufreq-info reports that the CPU is working at full, continuously (2.50GHz), the system is still slow and irresponsive, and many times firefox or xorg processes grow to 80-90% usage, according to top.

I think that even if the core clock is running at full, there's some throttling halving the effective throughput. In other words, is there any tool aside from cpufreq, that will increase the throttle?

I'd appreciate any help - it's staggering to have windows (with rmclock) running faster than ubuntu.