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Thread: DEB package - dependency checks

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    DEB package - dependency checks

    My question is about dependency checks for the DEB package.

    Using a third-party install generation tool, I created a .DEB installation package for my application.

    There are several dependencies that are required to be present on user’s Linux OS for my application to run properly. Specifically, “make”, and several “.so” libraries, like,, etc.

    Not all of our Ubuntu users may have required dependencies installed prior to running my package installer.

    This third-party installer tool that I used, generates DEB package, but does not include dependency checks.

    As members of the Ubuntu community, could you please comment on how a custom .DEB package without dependency checks may be received by Linux-Ubuntu users?

    Is it acceptable enough to deliver .DEB for a custom application that does not check dependencies?

    Or is it uncommon enough to ‘anger’ Linux users?
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