I am using adhoc to connect to my Android tablet and use adb and a local irc server to test code, using two WIFI adapters, one that connects to my route and another that connects to the tablet (it doesn't support USB adb)
However, I am interested in not sharing the WIFI connection from my Ubuntu PC, because the tablet has a horrible WIFI antenna and it's very slow, and I prefer to use the tablet's internal 3G for it's own traffic while leaving WIFI only for the PC. So when I connect from my PC to the tablet, each has its own traffic (thus if WIFI becomes unstable due to recent storms, tablet traffic doesn't go down because it's using (surprisingly) more reliable 3g.)
Is there any way to achieve this from Network Manager?
(Note that I have a working connection sharing internet via adhoc, I want connection without sharing PC internet. I must point this because most questions want to know the opposite, how to share internet, I just want to connect to a few servers hosted in the tablet from another wifi adapter without sharing the router connection)