(I apologize for this, as it seems to have been answered in a roundabout way on various message boards across the webs, but I am still experiencing problems with understanding the implementation details.)

I am happily running Ubuntu as a single-boot OS on a MacBook Pro. I have everything setup nicely according to my fancy, however--after ~15 years as a Mac user--I cannot get used to the default keyboard layout of Ubuntu.

Is there a cheatsheet, a talk-to-me-like-I-am-a-5-year-old tutorial, or config file example that will help me get a keyboard layout that I am familiar with (cmd-c, cmd-v, etc.)? Essentially I would love to remap everything possible to that functionality of a typical Macintosh keyboard.

Thank you so much in advance and I sincerely apologize for any repetition. I am so happy with my switch to Ubuntu, and getting over this last hump will have me grazing gleefully in the grasses of this friendlier valley.