Hi all,

I've tried several times today to install 12.10 server (x64) on a spare box using both the default and expert install, but seem to run up against the same problem.

When I reboot after completing the install I get this error on booting "Reboot and select proper boot device". I know this isn't a physical issue with the HDD as I've used the installation media to mount the filesystems and can indeed see all the files on the different partitions.

It seems as though the GRUB/EFI loader is installing to the wrong disk/partition. I'm installing from USB using unetbootin and it looks like the EFI partition is being written to USB (/dev/sdb) instead of the HDD (/dev/sda).

How can I sort out the bootloader? I'm not familiar with EFI, all my other (older) Linux installs have used standard grub2, with no EFI.