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Thread: Low Sound Volume!

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    Unhappy Low Sound Volume!

    Hey guys!

    Well I'm newbie in linux I just got rid of Windows last week, and choose lubuntu since I heard was good for old hardware!

    The thing is Everything was fine when suddenly my volumen went too low when I was watching a Youtube video on Opera Web Browser!!!

    Now I have to set volume to max to barely hear any sound from my pc, (I'm using a aux cable that connects my pc to a minicomponent) at first I thought it was my cable but I connected other devices and the sound was normal!

    Just to let you know, I already checked volume controls on alsamixer!!!
    and since I re-installed windows on another hard drive I had and everithing's fine, I'm sure there's no hardware problem.

    Please help me, I loved linux... It's awesome!!!
    and I don't feel like reinstalling lubuntu cause I have a lot of files and stuff!!!


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    Re: Low Sound Volume!

    Did you ever find a solution? I have also suddenly (since about 3 weeks ago, maybe???) been suffering from low volume even with everything set to max. And I also checked in Alsamixer... setting everyting to max makes no difference.

    Volume used to be fine, now I can barely hear anything.

    I am using Kubuntu 12.04 with all the latest updates. This is on a Lenovo T61 laptop computer using the built-in speakers.

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