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Thread: PS3 mediaserver - corrupt files

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    PS3 mediaserver - corrupt files

    Hi Guys,

    I am very new to Ubuntu but looking very much forward to distancing myself from microsoft products..

    Anyway, Ive installed PS3 Mediaserver as per the program starts and can be seen from my PS3 but every video I try to watch gives me a corrupt data message.

    I am obviously doing something wrong but i've been trying to work it out for quite a while now and I reckon its time to enlist some help.

    Just as some background I have 5 hard drives with videos inside my PC and I dont seem to be able to name/rename them anything, they just show up in media folder as new volumes and I have to add them manually in the navigation/share settings window of PS3 mediaserver, which is a bit tedious..

    Please be gentle with me.. i'm an Ubuntu virgin

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    Re: PS3 mediaserver - corrupt files

    Well ok.. as an update, i've gotten PS3 mediaserver working properly now. I looked into the "trace" window within PS3 mediaserver and it showed an error with libdev and mediainfo, so I installed mediainfo. Viola!

    The only issue I have now is more to do with the Ubuntu operating system I think.. My 5 local drives within my PC .. Do I have to mount them every time I log in to Ubuntu?? I would have thought they should just work straight up?


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