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Thread: Macbook 5.2

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    Macbook 5.2


    i am new to the forum
    is my first post

    what is the best vercion of ubuntu for macbook non pro 5.2
    11.04 Natty Narwhal or the new one 12.04 ?

    i read the 11.04 y well support but what above the new one?

    is my first experience whit linux please help me

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    Re: Macbook 5.2

    I would say that it's usually best to stay up to date with the most current version of linux. However, in my personal experience, previous versions of linux are always the easiest to get up and running quickly because they have been updated and contain a lesser number of bugs.

    Here's a link to an informational guide regarding installing 11.04 on your Macbook model. It appears that your macbook is very well supported under Ubuntu 11.04.



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