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Thread: Poor DOTA2 preformance 64bit..

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    Poor DOTA2 preformance 64bit..

    Hello dota is the only game i play and i would really like for it too work .. //

    my specs:
    gigabyte ud4 motherboard (p67 chipset)
    ATI Hd 6950 graphics
    2500k sandy bridge cpu
    ubuntu 12.04.1 fresh install

    have installed wine both through PoL and winetricks and i am using version 1.5.15 of wine but once i download and install dota it is very laggy / choppy and there is some lighting issues, aura around tree of life for example is ultraviolet..
    i have installed ia32libs and practically everything else concerning dota2 and wine issues but nothing has solved this problem..

    my launch options in steam are -novid and -nod3d9ex...

    when i launch steam with the command

     winedebug=all wine /home/lachlan/.local/share/wineprefixes/steam/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Steam/steam.exe -no-dwrite
    there is a ton of logging, especially once i start a game of dota, the console is literally spammed..

    i would post the log but i will need some help to store the log and/or extend the history of terminal...

    Any help would be most appreciated, i would really just like dota to work
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    Re: Poor DOTA2 preformance 64bit..

    I'm having similar issues and trying to work toward a solution.

    Have you made any progress since you posted?

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    Re: Poor DOTA2 preformance 64bit..

    Dota 2 is running perfect for me. I have wine-1.5.20 and running with just -no-dwrite. Try running it in a seperate x session. T'is what I use

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