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Thread: Inhibit auto-suspend NOT screensaver

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    one-click solution to inhibit auto-suspend but NOT screensaver

    I want to be able to inhibit auto-suspend, but still have the screensaver run in xubuntu precise (basically the "inhibit-applet" in Gnome2). As is pointed out in countless posts, xubuntu has no such feature (although the screenshot at the xfce4-power-manager page shows an "inhibit" menu item that is missing from my version!).

    I don't know if this is the right forum for this; if not please direct me.

    I have tried installing gnome-power-manager, but I can't get it to start (doing a "which gnome-power-manager" results in nothing, and I can't find it on my system). Additionally, there doesn't appear to be a "gnome-power-preferences" anymore.

    I looked at "caffeine", but the developers say that it inhibits both screensaver and sleep -- not quite what I want -- while others claim it only inhibits the screensaver. So I haven't bothered trying it yet.

    I've read some posts about people with a similar need writing scripts to manipulate Dbus to inhibit sleep, but it seems that sleep doesn't always work when they "un-inhibit".

    I have been searching off and on for a week with no solution. can anyone help?
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