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Thread: Run (compute) remotely installed software locally

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    Run (compute) remotely installed software locally

    I am using simulation software that is hosted on a server at work. I SSH from my machine to the server and run the software on the server.

    I have seen that it is possible to run this software locally (i.e. the computations are done on my machine) but I have no idea how to set it up that way. I do suspect I have to mount the software's directory somehow and set environmental variables (maybe) so that when I launch the software locally it goes looking for it in the remote one. Essentially, I need the remote directory to behave as a local one without manually doing SSH.

    My home directory on the server gets mounted in my Ubuntu; the software is installed on a directory to which I have read-only access.

    What I do:
    1) localuser@local_machine: ssh server_username@the_server
    2) server_username@the_server: the_program
    -> Program runs on the_server and the display is tunnelled to me.

    What I want to do:
    1) localuser@local_machine: the_program
    -> Program runs locally.

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    Re: Run (compute) remotely installed software locally

    Are are you mounting your server home directory with NFS or SFTP?


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