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Thread: installing 12.04 on macbookair1,1

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    installing 12.04 on macbookair1,1

    I want to install ubuntu 12.04.1 on a macbookair1,1 (Apple MacBook Air "Core 2 Duo" 1.6 13" (Original) according to ). And I have some questions.

    1. Reading this post
    is it safe to put linux? particularly, how close to rumors are the claims that os x is far better than linux in 'micromanaging' this particular device, and using linux can lead to potential problems in the cpu voltage handling?
    2. grub vs efi: how's the story? is that correct that in any case I will have to maintain let's call it 'apple bootloader', and ony in a second part of the boot process give control to grub->linux?
    3. reading
    I don't know how to produce a bootable usb stick, namely when I do what he says with a usb stick in mrb or guid with ms-dos (fat) partition in both cases (is this correct?)
    I get the message "the inserted disk is not readable by this computer" (translation from Italian, but this is the meaning) after the dd process is completed (see the post), and when I restart pressing alt it only sees the hd-drive, and not the usb.

    4. is that correct to select the mac 64 bit version for this model? is there any other particular suitable version?

    Can anyone help me? in particular, anyone with (hopefully positive) experience with similar macbook and ubuntu versions?
    Thanks, N
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