I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my Samsung Chronos laptop. My upgrade manager is set to run each Friday. A couple of weeks ago, and today, Update Manager lists quite a few KDE related packages it wants to update. I do not use KDE. I decided at the outset I would try out Unity for a while, and it turned out that I liked it quite a bit.

Is KDE required in some way? The packages it wants to update do NOT appear in my list of installed packages. Why does it want to update KDE when KDE is not in use?

It also is attempting to update/install something called "Find obsolete NVidia Drivers". Why? The Chronos has an ATI card, not an NVidia (it also has a built in Intel card that I am not using). Why would Update Manager want to install this?

It's not a huge big deal, but it is annoying unchecking all those packages every time. I put enough "stuff" on my system without Ubuntu putting stuff on it that I am not going to use. Any idea why it would do this?

Thanks in advance;