Hello, Till I bought my new computer back in March, I've tried like 20 different distributions, but all of them have some sort of bug which prevents it from being usable. One of the main major problem many distros have is with sluggishness. I've tried Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Opensuse, PCLOS, Mageia and their derivatives but because of sluggishness, I hate to use them. Today, for example I tried SolusOS, and it has a problem on my hardware that I get lots of graphical artifacts all over the place, possibly beacuse of outdated drivers. And the graphics suck - Cardapio and window titlebars flashes a brilliant white everytime it loads, etc. It doesn't have compositing quite right. So SolusOS is the best distro in terms of looks, but in terms of user experience, the graphical issues make it the worst. I tried Chakra 2012.09 and I'm happy because I finally found a distro that flies on my hardware, even with the very heavy kde using open source drivers! It's the first distro I found that's actually very fast. But the problem is it's only available in KDE, which is a little too rich for me. So I'm on the search of a distro which is beautiful like SolusOS but without issues. I like Gnome Shell but I've found that it's annoying to do any useful work on it. I prefer a desktop like Cinnamon or a very polished one like Solus, but one that is never sluggish. So please find me a Cinnamon desktop or better that is as fast as Chakra because no other distro whether is Ubuntu or Suse or whatever runs well enough for me. All distros suck on my hardware. But Chakra is magical. I've not tried Arch based ones yet but would they be as fast as Chakara? I need a distro with gui installer and any package manager that has an interface. I don't care about rolling release as I'm not that experienced with linux to fix major breakages. so non-rolling will be fine also. Just I need something with such good hardware support like Chakra which is superfast because ubuntu and co don't cut it. Thanks. My hardwware is AMD 3.4Ghz x4, 4GB ram, on AMD 880G/Radeon 4250.