I'm using 10.04 64-bit (CAELinux 2011) on a fresh build having a NVIDIA GTX660Ti card.

The standard drivers don't recognize the 660Ti, so i added the Ubuntu-X-swat repo and used apt-get to add nvidia-current drivers (currently 304.xx).

Ubuntu boots, when it gets to X all I get is a blank, black screen.

The only error in logs concerns my mouse.

xorg.conf has no resolutions in it.

It's connected to my TV over HDMI. On non-NVIDIA drivers, I can run X no problem.

apt-get -f doesn't bring up any missing dependencies.

I'm at a loss what to do! Even some pointers as to where to start would be great.

I use three programs in the CAELinux distribution and I'm nearly willing to attempt some notoriously fickle installs in 12.04 and run that (my main PC is 12.04... and going strong!)