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Thread: Need some help here, new to using Linux.

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    Question Can't boot Ubuntu from Hard Drive, new to Linux systems.

    I am very new to using any kind of Linux based system. The HP Pavilion dv2000 I had bought from someone else (Big mistake, I know) had an unofficial version of Windows 7. It stopped booting up that ISO completely one day so I needed a temporary fix to my problem until I can finish getting the parts needed for a custom built desktop that won't be finished for a while. I found that a new ISO would be better and I remember trying out Ubuntu a few years ago and enjoyed it. Here's where the problem starts:

    I have tried installing with a CD to the main 150GB hard drive in order to delete everything on there and start fresh, I tried to search for grub in terminal using grub> find/boot/grub/state1, but was told that program 'grub' is not installed. It says to type sudo apt-get install grub. I did that and restarted the computer, but it still won't boot without the CD. The screen just displays an error:

    Error: no such device: 84de2031-fbf6-435a-b14b-b024638f4ed5
    grub rescue>

    Putting the CD in just lets me start in live mode, or install again. Switching back to live mode and opening terminal to try and locate grub, I am told again that it does not exist and tells me i can install it again. I don't think grub is being put on my 150G HDD, but instead the CD for some reason.

    I do not know much about commands and code, if someone could just give me a basic step by step walk through on how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.
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