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Thread: Resizing Encrypted Luks partition from 12.04 ( No LVM )

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    Resizing Encrypted Luks partition from 12.04 ( No LVM )

    I setup whole disk encryption with the alternative installer on 12.04, and it seems to have gone with using an encrypted partition rather than an LVM.

    If I follow the guide at:

    None of the VG commands do anything. All I'm left with after I initialize the disk is a device /dev/mapper/sda2_crypt. I can mount that and happily see my filesystem (though oddly, fdisk doesn't report anything on it).

    I have 3 partitions - sda1 which is boot, sda2 which is my luks partition, and then sda3 which is a partition I had intended to use for windows, and am deciding to just merge it with my linux partition.

    I feel I have to enlarge the sda2 partition, then enlarge the crypt of it? That's where I get lost.

    Help Please?!

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    Re: Resizing Encrypted Luks partition from 12.04 ( No LVM )

    If you have a external hdd or flash drive that can hold the files on your luks partition, I would recommend creating a tarball of that filesystem with something like this from a Ubuntu liveCD(as root)...
    cd /media/encryptedfs/
    tar -cvzpf /media/ExternalHdd/fs.tar.gz *
    blkid > /media/ExternalHdd/fsuuids.txt
    Then you could delete the partition and create a new one that fills up the space and once you do that you re-create the luks partition using the name uuid and then re-create the filesystem using its uuid and name.
    Then it is as simple as
    tar -xvzpf /media/ExternalHdd/fs.tar.gz -C /media/encryptedfs/


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