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Thread: I'm newly installing Ubuntu onto a USB Drive, and I have a partition question

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    I'm newly installing Ubuntu onto a USB Drive, and I have a partition question

    Hi, everyone.

    I'm new to Ubuntu and new to these forums. I've been trying out Ubuntu from the Live CD and I love it, but I need to keep Windows (sadly) to run some of the software that I need. I'd like to run Ubuntu from a persistent USB drive so I can have the awesome-ness that is Ubuntu without screwing with my Windows OS. I searched around, and I found the thread at describing what I want to do, and it seems to be one of the most clearly written set of instructions online. But there's just one thing I don't understand. I'm a total newbie to working with partitions. I do understand that I make an ext4 primary partition on my USB drive to serve as my root partition, which will hold the Ubuntu OS files. I also have read about swap partitions and understand that I need to make one. However, I have seen other instructions online that say to create a third partition or even a fourth partition. (I understand that a drive can only have 4 primary partitions.) With the method described in this thread, which creates just two partitions on the USB drive, where do things get saved (things like downloaded applications or documents that I create or download)? Would files that I save go into the root directory along with the OS files? Or do I need another partition if I want to save all my Ubuntu-related files to the USB drive? It would be great if someone could clarify the number, type, and size of partitions I should make.


    P.S. My USB drive is 64gb.
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