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Thread: Library audio player with gapless playback that actually WORKS?

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    Library audio player with gapless playback that actually WORKS?

    I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) and tried the following music players:

    - Rhythmbox
    - Banshee
    - Guayadeque
    - gmusicbrowser
    - Quod Libet
    - Clementine

    Gapless playback is not working with any of them, contrary to what the developers claim. I know that mp3 is not a format that supports gapless playback natively. However, it's 2012 and still no gapless playback for mp3 files in Linux whereas this is not an issue at all in Windows for years now.

    At the moment I have Audacious installed, which is the only player so far that is capable of doing gapless playback with my mp3 collection. But: It does not use a database, i.e. it has no music library manager.

    I read about MPD with client frontend. But this isn't very handy to fiddle with the install, and the UI of those clients seems poor.

    I'd like to ENJOY listening to music, with a nice, handy UI and a good library management. Basically I'm looking for something like Banshee, Guayadeque or Rhythmbox or gmusicbrowser, but with WORKING gapless playback.

    Any recommendations?

    I have tried Sonata + MPD today. And gapless playback works. However, the whole library management and UI feeling is awkward. I'm really looking for something like Banshee or Rhythmbox or Guayadeque, but with gapless playback for mp3 (my music is encoded with Lame).
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