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I will donate nothing. When I asked shipit for 400 CD's of 4.10 for my soldiers when I was in the military they declined me. I think *buntu used to be a great distribution until they started with six month release cycles,stopped shipit and started to change the direction the distribution was heading. Now it is continuing to head toward being another distribution that will come, and possibly go.

What is *buntu worth? I do not know, I have been using Debian since 2002 before *buntu was born. I tried various releases of different *buntu distributions to see how they have changed, and I am no longer interested in their future. They declined a shipment of CD's to the soldiers which I cared for. I forgive them, but I did not forget

I will however support those that use Linux, and possibly help with any issues that they may have.
And where do you think the funding for the free CD that Canonical sent for about 7 years came from ?