am just trying to setup a wireless network between my router and notebook ASUS N53SV running Ubuntu 11.10.

My router is Billion voip adsl router manual 7401VGPR3 and I have set it up according to these instructions http://www.internode.on.net/support/...401-r3_7404-x/

I think I have everything configured right on the notebook in the wireless network settings, but still displaying Wireless is disabled by hardware switch

I have run all the variations of rfkill -- list - unblock, but nothing happens, but I don't understand the <index>|<type> parameters, can someone pls give me a practical example.

I have been thinking to install LinuxMint 13 Mate or XFCE on this machine, would that do any better.

I have Win7 on it, but only use it when required