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Thread: Brand New Replacement 128GB Kingston SSD getting 'failing' report by Disk Utility!

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    Exclamation Brand New Replacement 128GB Kingston SSD getting 'failing' report by Disk Utility!

    Installed this 128GB Kingston SSD yesterday.
    Put 64 bit 12.04 on it and it was running great yesterday! Then I shut it down for the night. I have always done this for the last 15 years.

    Well today I boot up, takes 20 seconds now. After a minute disk utility sends a popup saying this new SSD is 'failing' and to back it up and replace ASAP!

    Ran the disk utility tests and all are green except for Temperature which is marked as the culprit causing this issue.
    Disk Utility said the SSD temp was 75 degrees F along with a red dot next to it!

    Anyways I ran the other disk utility tests and they all passed saying drive is healthy. SSD temp was rising, now it was 90 degrees but the red light was still on the Temp section. Then after temp hit 95 degrees the 'red' temp indicator turned 'green' and Disk utility then reports all is A-OK!!! Temp stabilized at 100 degrees for the rest of the day.

    Used the pc all day with no problems. SSD is fast. Faster than the < 3year old 1TB Seagate HDD that failed and was removed. So out of curiosity I shutdown the PC for supper and it remained down for a few hours. Thus allowing it to cool down completely. Then little after 9pm it was booted up again and a minute later the same popup reported the SSD was failing again by disk utility! Ran the 'Smart Data tests' which said SSD temp was 75 degrees F again like this morning, with a red light on the temp section. Then after a few minutes SSD temp rose to what it is now 100 degrees F and all is green and disk utility now reports SSD is healthy and A-OK!

    Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
    This is my first SSD and am not familiar at all with how they operate.
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