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Thread: How to install on OLD computer?

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    How to install on OLD computer?

    I know someone asked this before but didn't receive a reply.

    I have a computer that I don't use and would like to install Ubuntu on. It's rather old and doesn't boot USB or DVD. I does have USB and I do have en ext DVD drive that I could use. (Win 98)

    Also I have enough experience with hardware to change HDD etc.

    I have a Netbook running Ubuntu. Maybe I could "Ghost" an image onto a HDD. Never tried that but that used to work on some previous versions of Ghost. I have Win XP on the netbook also.

    I Don't think it will know what to do with an ISO on an HDD??

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to install on OLD computer?

    Yes, you can try ghosting or imaging another installation of Ubuntu to that notebook's hdd, or pull the hdd out, put it into another laptop, install Ubuntu, and then put it back.

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    Re: How to install on OLD computer?

    If this is a Win98 system, it's more than likely too old to run current Ubuntu. Not enough memory, slow processor etc. To make sure though, post the specs.

    There is a program called plop. You can install it on a floppy (or CD), boot from it and it will allow you to boot from USB, even if the BIOS does not support booting from USB.
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