I am about to tear my hair out right now after spending over an hour unsuccessfully getting UT2004 to install in Ubuntu 12.04. I've had issues with previous versions of Ubuntu and so I thought this time would be a piece of cake--I knew to download the Loki installer, use the 'export SETUP_CDROM' command to point the installer to the right place, have libstdc++ installed, and I anticipate running the game with the 'aoss' command to get sound working.

...all that knowledge apparently doesn't matter right now

So I'm doing this on a computer without a disk drive, which is part of the problem I'm sure. If I use the linux_installer.sh that came on the disk, everything works great until I get to the actual installation. It just can't find the CD. I've got an image that I made of the disk and I've tried mounting it in every imaginable place and still the installer can't find it. The Loki installer from Linux Gamers doesn't even get that far; after entering the CD key, it just freezes, although I'm assuming it suffers from the same issue of being unable to locate the disk.

What gives? With the way Ubuntu handles mounting disks one would think it would be easy to fool an installer into believing a mounted ISO is a real disk, but apparently not.

I know it's not Ubuntu's fault in and of itself, as I have the game running in the same version of Ubuntu on another computer, but it's not my main PC and I'd like to have it here, too.

Any suggestions? I've got to conquer this thing now just so that I won't have wasted an evening being defeated