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Thread: 1024x720_60.00 resolution

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    1024x720_60.00 resolution

    Hello, it is funny. Neither xrandr in all its possibilites nor any way to build xconf worked with Lubuntu 12.04. The problem is really heavy, not just because users aren't able to set a widescreen definiton, but because they have to change it once in order to see the hole screen of any active program.
    Could it be a possible solution?
    I've tried and read forums until I had no more time left between life activities. That's the reason why I am asking.
    The fact problems are:
    failed to gamma...
    VGA ignored...
    failed to create a xconf.. (just give up of trying to create one)

    I wonder if there is a chance to create a resolution, the resolution asked by my monitor (1280x720_60.00) through xrandr itself.

    I'll appreciate any comments.
    Thank you,

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    Re: 1024x720_60.00 resolution

    please tell me if the above works for you.

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    Re: 1024x720_60.00 resolution

    Sorry for the 3 weeks delay i had, it is my grandfathers pc.
    Ok, it didn't work, it shows a "fatal error" and it doesn't recognize my password for sudo login, it is all a mess. Also, it appears that this version of Lubuntu12.04 doesn't have any file that any description writes about. I don't know, perhaps there is no solution. Meanwhile, they can manage the situation by changing the resolution every time the turn on their pc.
    thank you,

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