Ok. I have been banging my head against the wall for over a week now trying to get 3 monitors to work.

I have:

1 - Nvidia 8600 GT 512MB PCIEx16

1 - Nvidia GT 240 1GB PCIEx16

They are not running in SLI (obviously). I have tried to use everything from tutorials to a few templates, all the way up to nvidia-settings, etc etc etc.. From what I hear, Xinerama doesnt like gnome 3 because of the compositing, although I have read a lot about using Xrandr instead, and getting the compositing working, but alas, I cannot. It always either crashes X and I have to replace the xorg.conf with my backup, or it defaults to the gnome-classic desktop, and on top of that, when it does default, it keeps adding more and more panels.

Basically, I want to be able to use all 3 monitors (yes, just like in windows) to drag and drop from different windows.

I have xorg-edit, but I am still not too sure on how to set this up? Is there any way to:

A> Get compositing working with 3 monitors, 2 nvidia cards, xinerama, and gnome 3?


B>Use twinview with 3 monitors (I have heard it can be done by manually editing xorg.conf)


C>Set up Xrandr to draw all 3 monitors with compositing.


D>Use separate X for each monitor, and be able to use gnome with compositing, as well as drag between all 3


E>ANYTHING. lol. I just want this to work.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I am running an ubuntu mini install with gnome. Everything works great but this. I can run it fine with 2 monitors and compositing, but not with 3.

Also, what is the best GUI tool for editing xorg.conf? Im not finding anything that is up to date at all, and also is understandable by humans. haha. Im actually an engineer by trade, and have been working with computers a LONG time, but this xorg.conf stuff is really confusing the crap out of me. lol