I recently got an Asus K55V laptop. I eventually got dual-boot and right click to work. There is one problem which I cannot find a solution to.

The built in sd card reader will not work. It works perfectly in Windows 7 but not in ubuntu 12.04.

lsusb command shows: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 058f:a014 Alcor Micro Corp.but when I put in a SD card nothing happens.

Photography is a hobby of mine and I had no problem with my last laptop with 11.04 and Rapid photo downloader, downloading from an sd card.

I can download in Windows and then view and edit from Ubuntu but that involves restarting and wastes time.

Has anyone any solution to this problem.

p.s If I try to connect my Canon dslr directly by USB in Ubuntu I get an error message and it will not mount.