Hi guys.. Long time since I have posted..

This is my current phone

And I am thinking of getting the Lumia 800 for around $350 from my home in south asia. What do you guys think? I know its a one year old phone which is not going to be upgraded and I cannot afford the latest and greatest phone. All I need is to listen to music, play the occasional mini-game,keep track of football scores and trawl through wikipedia and 9gag and most importantly integrate my workplace official outlook account into my phone (is this possible?) Calling and carriers are no concern since I travel A LOT to very diverse countries and I need to get a separate phone there anyway. Also don't care about 4G, LTE or any of the newfangled wireless connections which is not available in my home country.
Also FYI, the S2 costs $450 and Lumia 900 costs $500 which is out of my range anyway.
The 3.7" screen is a bit worrying, I would have preferred a 4" but can't find anything comparable in my price range. I have no clue whatsoever about HTC phones.
I also do not care about app store size, since I guess the commonly used apps will be there on all platforms.
Also I don't care about front camera. The back camera should be just decent enough as I have a top of the line point and shoot camera.
Yeah, I don't pirate music so Nokia's free music for a year scheme is attractive (I understand its DRM free now.. I think).

There so what do you think, good choice or not or you have alternate suggestions? I connect to my Ubuntu system only when I am home (which is rare) so Ubuntu compatibility is not a deal breaker.