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Thread: Laptop heat and Fan speed drains battery

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    Laptop heat and Fan speed drains battery

    Hi, I'm new to ubuntu. I was using opensuse earlier, started using ubuntu when I got my new dell inspiron 15R (5520) pre-installed with ubuntu 11.10. Am upgraded to 12.04 now.

    After upgrade to 12.04, the laptop is running very hot and fan is screaming away all the time, Battery life is so low that I have to use it plugged in, all the time. I have an AMD Radeon HD 7xxx graphics card. I have tired almost all that was available on the forums (all very vague to me) to solve the issue - including installing and trying both opensource as well as proprietary drivers.

    I have done an upgrade to 3.6 kernel also to see if that would fix the problem (Well, that has killed my bcm4365 wireless card which I had fixed with a driver I downloaded, I'll post the in the wireless forum).

    Could someone help me with this, the laptop is ubuntu certified as well. I can not go back to 11.10 (dell customized) as it isn't available anywhere. I don't want to go back to windows after a couple of years now. Someone please provide me a fix.
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