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    Wink Salvation Prophecy: A Space Epic

    Hi Linux folks,

    I'm working on a Linux port of my space epic, called Salvation Prophecy. My Linux skills are a bit rusty, and I still have a lot of work to do. But I've gotten far enough that I figure it's worth a post.

    Here's a shot of the game running on Ubuntu:

    Salvation Prophecy is a space epic, that involves big space battles, planet-side battles, some strategy at the upper ranks, and a storyline involving an apocalyptic prophecy.

    It's single player. You can play one of 4 factions:

    Factions: Drone Unity, Free Nations, Salvation, Wyr

    Here's a couple more screenshots:

    Screenshot: space battle, system Virgo 392

    Screenshot: colony invasion, planet Jax

    Screenshot: station hangar, mission control room

    Screenshot: Alien creatures of planet Alaydro

    I started out programming on Linux a long time ago. It's a pleasure to be back working in it again. I like Linux both as an OS and as an ideology, and so this port is important to me.

    There's lots more video, screenshots, and feature lists here:
    link: Salvation Prophecy: Steam Greenlight page
    link: Salvation Prophecy website

    If you have a steam account, and you're into space games, or just want to support a indie game linux programmer, I'd really appreciate if you up-voted the game on the Greenlight link above (it's free). Getting onto Steam is sort of a life or death thing for an indie team, and I'd love to keep making games like this.

    If you have any questions about the game, let me know! I like to talk.
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